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Westfalia Conversion: Luggage Rack Installation

Hey Vanagang! Welcome to my first ever blog post and first installment of my Westfalia Conversion. I'm Sedona and I am installing a screw-in style Westfalia Pop Top and Luggage Rack to my 1982 Vanagon Transporter, Vannie. I'm one lucky gal and my van has a sunroof which is making this conversion pretty seamless! I'll write another post on how she came into my hands, but for now let's get to teaching you my simple trick to install the Luggage Rack on your TinTop or Sunroof Vanagon!!!! WOOOP WOOP! If you're like me, you've probably watched the GoWesty video on how to install the Luggage Rack seal 82 times in attempts to figure out how in the wild wild west are you going to perfectly allign the holes and drill into your roof. For days I was anxious about this and searched deep into the web without success. As I was relaxing in the z- bed it came to me.....

  1. Install the Seal and attach all hardware to the Luggage Rack. The 2 small brackets go on the inside and the 2 larger ones go on the outside. Check out the diagrams

  2. Get some heavy duty double sided tape, I used the gorilla glue brand. On the bottom of all 4 brackets, put the tape where it is going to sit on the van.

  3. Grab a friend and put the luggage rack on the roof, when you put it down make sure it is in the perfect place and tape it in place.

  4. Remove the Luggage Rack. I learned from watching the Go Westy video. You unscrew all 4 of the flathead screws, carefully as it is only secured by tape.

  5. Move the top without hitting the brackets. They should all be standing up and taped in place. Congrats, you found the precise spot to drill your holes!

  6. Use a pen to outline the brackets just in case they move when you drill.

  7. Be sure to use primer on any spot that has been drilled, save your roof from future rust.

  8. Your going to have to take off the bracket to drill the hole completely but I recommend putting more double sided tape down with your bracket to ensure easy installation.

  9. You are going to have to drill the 4 back holes as well. Since you can see these from the top feel free to drill the holes with the Rack in place. Be sure not to drill the fiberglass though.

  10. Attach with the hardware on all 12 of your newly drilled holes

  11. Celebrate.

Goodluck Vanagang!


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